"The desire to excel can drive us toward extremes and throw us off balance. Through body and food awareness there is a comfortable middle between these extremes. Prioritize this form of wellness and you unlock a potential without bounds - your best self.”  – Bryan Lian, RD

The role of a dietitian within the context of a treatment team is to bridge the divide between the medical, biochemical needs we have in fueling our bodies, with the psychological beliefs and attitudes we have toward food, eating, body and exercise.  In today's modern world, our food concerns/obsessions can be overwhelming; sorting through information on obesity, vitamin and mineral intake, food quality, dietary supplements, allergies, intolerances, etc.  Our ability to make choices about a quality diet has become confusing and complicated.  

Registered dietitians have a background in nutrition science and clinical nutrition, that inculdes studies in biology and chemistry among other life sciences.  For those who need help sorting through all the nutritional and dietary information that we are exposed to, working 1:1 with a registered dietitian can help you best assess your individual dietary needs.

Our RD, Bryan Lian, meets with clients and families for nutritional therapy sessions as follows:

Medical Nutrition Therapy for Eating & Weight Disorders

Initial Consultation  (75 Minutes)

The initial consultation is a thorough assessment that includes gathering information about your nutritional goals, typical food intake, weight history, exercise/activity level, disordered eating patterns, body image issues, family and cultural beliefs about food and body, as well as any related medical, or GI symptoms.  After the initial consult, you will collaboratively plan a schedule for the necessary follow up sessions.

Follow-Up Consultation  (30 or 60 Minutes)

Follow-up consultations are individually designed based upon the needs identified in your initial consultation.  They typically range from bi-weekly to monthly and are determined by progress toward your identified goals.  These goals often include cultivating an awareness of one's relationship to food, and developing an understanding and knowledge of one's unique nutritional needs.  Additional services that Bryan is available for include:  In-home assessment, grocery shopping, meal preparation, meal process/support.

Fees & Scheduling

Generally, dietary services are not a covered cost when seeking out-of-network treatment for disordered eating*.  There may be some exceptions in which a superbill can be submitted for reimbursement at out-of-network rates.  Please speak with Bryan further if you need to discuss sliding scale or fee packages/deals that are currently available.

Bryan's current fees are as follows:  Initial Consultation (75 min) $170

                                                      Follow-up Consultation (60 min) $140

                                                      Follow-up Consultation (30 min) $70

To schedule with Bryan please call or email: 650-319-7225 X703 or bryan@mpedc.com



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*This is something that many advocacy groups are working to change.