Therapy Services

There is no 'one-size fits all' approach to treating disordered eating.  It is our job to understand your unique needs and identify what interventions will work best for you. We are trained in diverse modalities, keep up with current research and collaboratively develop a treatment plan to best support your goals.  In addition to individual and family therapy, we offer free weekly group support, as well as other facilitated group offerings and meal support.

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Dietary Services

We offer dietary consultation for adolescents and adults struggling with disordered eating.  Our highly experienced Registered Dietitian works with you to promote health, wellness and self-care.  Collaboratively you discern the appropriate balance of nutrients that is right for your body.  Our RD offers one-on-one consultations, medically-based nutrition therapy for eating and weight disorders, as well as a variety of other individualized services. 

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Body-based Services

Our body-based services provide additional pathways for those seeking to reconnect with self in both body and mind.  Through the skilled use of psychologically-informed bodywork our practitioner can guide you in releasing physical and emotional tension as well as gaining wisdom from your body by reconnecting to its subtle cues.  Bodywork begins with face-to-face consultation and is conducted fully clothed on a bodywork table.  In addition to hands-on bodywork, we also offer yoga, breath-work and other facilitated mindfulness practices.

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