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Women in Recovery

Has your disordered relationship with food and body disrupted your connection to your deeper-self, your intuition, creativity and femininity?  Are you looking for a safe supportive space to practice vulnerability, and to move through shame?  Join us as we guide this small group of women in crafting a safe and sacred space to explore issues of recovering intuition, mending hearts, finding belonging and forgiveness and the beauty of the feminine.  We facilitate connection to women's rich inner wisdom, and ignite empowerment and inspiration in each other.  

We will gather bi-weekly for 10 -12 weeks (exact dates TBD) to share diverse and resonate stories and offer and receive vulnerability and insight.  The group uses a variety of modalities including storytelling, sharing, collaborative rituals, art projects, and writing exercises.  

This group is a safe place to practice openness and vulnerability, something that is disrupted by the use of disordered eating.  While all women in this group share struggles with food, eating, and body, that is not the direct focus of group.  Rather this is for those looking to work on those disrupted relationships as a result of these food and eating issues.  (Referring Providers: If you have questions about the group or think it might be a good resource for one of your clients please don't hesitate to reach out).

WHEN: Group currently on hold, dates TBD

WHERE: Mid-Peninsula Eating Disorder Clinic - EAST: 1040 Noel Drive, Suite 100D,  Menlo Park, CA  94025 (map)

FEE: $45 per session if paid up front / or $50 per session if paid week to week


Athletes in Recovery    

When: Group currently on hold, dates TBD   
Mid-Peninsula Eating Disorder Clinic - EAST
1040 Noel Dr Menlo Park, CA, 94025 (map)

Were/Are you an athlete or dancer?  Do you want to know how or when to reintegrate exercise/sport/dance back into your life after an ED diagnosis?  Has your ED threatened your identity as athlete?  Did the recovery process offer you one solution to athleticism: Not now.

Our Athletes in Recovery is a support group for those of you who feel their ED is at least in part, linked to their identity or life experiences as an athlete or dancer. While there are general issues that many face with with food/exercise/body image issues, there are specific difficulties facing athletes in their transition away from their "world of sport" that can evoke feelings of loss, uncertainty or need for control such as: 1) identity 2) relationship with exercise and food 3) body image 4) social/professional transitions.

If you have found yourself nodding along in recognition and are seeking support in your effort to free yourself from your ED, please don't hesitate to reach out.  

Binge Eating Support Group


Did you know Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is the most prevalent eating disorder in the United States. (NEDA) An estimated 3.5% of women, 2% of men and 30% - 40% of those seeking weight loss treatment can be clinically diagnosed with BED.  

If feelings of distress, shame or guilt have prevented you from seeking out help we invite you to come to our Binge Eating Support Group where you can feel safe, supported and understood by others struggling with similar issues.  This 12 week group is informed by the researched and validated curriculum of mindfulness-based eating awareness training.  (For the journal abstract on MB-EAT click here).   

This 12-week group introduces concepts of mindfulness including "inner wisdom" and "outer wisdom" and how implement mindfulness to identify problematic patterns, and ultimately working toward changing them in ways that will work in your day-to-day life.  The goal is to feel more in-control of your life and your eating.

WHEN:  Group currently on hold, dates TBD  

WHERE: Mid-Peninsula Eating Disorder Clinic - EAST : 1040 Noel Drive, Suite 100D  Menlo Park, CA  94025

FEE:  $45 per session if paid up front / or $50 per session if paid week to week 




Meal Support Group

Do you need support and accountability with eating?  Do you need to practice eating with others?  Do you need help in following through with food challenges or outings in a supportive environment.  Join us for meal support group.  You will eat together with other group members and a therapist, with food you bring for yourself.  We then will have group time following the meal to provide accountability as well as support and process for any fears or struggles that arose during the meal.  


Males with Eating Disorders Support Group

This group is a place for men to discuss their particular issues concerning ways their eating disorder may feel tethered to the ability to cope with depression, anxiety, body image and self-esteem.  As author, Andrew Walen explains in his (2014) memoir, Man Up to Eating Disorders,  "men are left out in the dark. This [group] is to help guys come together, create their own tribe, talk recovery in their own language....if it's anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, compulsive exercise, steroid abuse or some combination of any or all of the above," this is a group is for you. The myth that eating disorders are a female issue, ends here.